zaterdag 17 maart 2012

Before I got totally hooked on mixed media in my Book of Days, I did a lot of arting on smaller pieces of paper! I was (and still am) totally in to ATC - MAKING and ALTERING ROLODEX CARDS....

If you are interested, here are some examples

Click here for more ATC's 

And here are some examples of my Rolodex Cards
Click here for more of My ROLODEX cards

vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Some people really liked the Postcards I was talking about before!

These are mostly from my active Post-crossing time

Want to see my complete COLLECTION?

Go here:   My Picasa

"I found my family in a Book"

woensdag 14 maart 2012

The prompt of this spread read :Who are you really?
I have had a crush on Japanese culture for my whole life and by that
 I mean especially the Maiko and Geisha !
 I am just so interested in their culture, the clothing and the traditions.

I am corresponding with some lovely Japanese women.
I have a large collection of Japanese Art Postcards 
you can see them here: Japanese Art Postcards

And here are my Cultural (Geisha/Maiko) Postcards
 Japanese Culture Postcards

So that's where this page came from 
The Dutch Geisha and that is of course me :)

The rest of the spread is Journalling about 
a trip to one of my fave Artshops ...
well a Artsy girl never has enough stuff and supplies lol...

The japanese symbols say "I love myself"
and YES... that is the pretty truth after almost 50  years !