maandag 26 maart 2012

 This has become my spread for the entire Month of March

Here are the Close ups
The pages speak for themselves I think :)

March was just so good for me!

 The Spring weather, my work and my relationships,
even online in the Book of Days Sisterhood  
... my dear sisters in Art.

Lots of Mind-fullness going on :))

I am totally in balance with myself
and so GRATEFUL for everything!


These pages I made over last week.
Inspired by Effy Wild's video of monday and
Milliandes Seed journal

First I did the backgrounds. Gesso and lots and lots of layers...
 Mind you, after the first layers I actually got up from my chair, 
and stood painting like a real artist *lol*
I even started to fingerpaint out of the bleu.
And my new BFF the Brayer did its job!
(The red heart was send to me by Pattie B. !)

The poppy's and poppyseeds are my '3 am people' and all the new
ones that have come into my life through Book of Days
I was really going out of my comfort-zone artwise here!
I am always terribly neat and very organized.
It almost felt like I ran a fever, I have never been so dirty after arting!
It was so not me, so new and so out of the box

it felt GREAT!