donderdag 19 januari 2012

 Weekspread about ACCEPTANCE - 
(whoooo good one for me)
with a Tip in Tag
Not totally happy with the whole thing
The Glittergelpen didn't want to dry and everything became smudgy

Behind the tag is a bird and wings

Still struggling with backgrounds that are too 'full and busy' to put something over 
or on top of it - hmmm, do I recognize something of a balance issue ...? ;)

Messed this nice background up totally 
by writing "Blue Mondy" in stead of "Blue Monday"
I was depressed already, so almost ended up in tears!

Normally I would have ripped it out, but I decided
to be brave and leave it as it was..... imperfect...
It is an ongoing process, always wanting to be perfect
doesn't work .... it's okay, it's life (grrmmnblgrr!!)

So eventually I got over my dip and had a good wednesdaynight and
today I was even full of energy again so went for my monday swim on thursday!

I'm proud of myself!

zondag 15 januari 2012

Close up of the page
Love the stamp with the little girls
In the middle a book illustration is showing through
(Paolo Coelhos' Alchemist)

This is more the Dees Style that I am used to work in
Of course now I am trying to go off the wellknown path...
Sometimes real hard!
So this was leaning back and just GO... :)
This week was all about moving office back home...
soooo many boxes, so much stuff,.... I HATE moving!

It took also too much layers to put in this journal!