woensdag 7 maart 2012

Bon Dia :)

 I am back after a great sunvacation in the Antilles

This is my Valentines-spread,
I was so inspired after a couple of wonderful snorkeling trips
we made, when we were on our yearly vacation in Aruba!

We spend lots of hours on the beach (with a good book)
and in the wonderful blue Carribean waters.
Everything underneath the surface is so (!) sound and peaceful.
The silence, the fish, the colours and just you and your heartbeat.

I love it, it gave me so much energy!

* What were you taught and told as a child? *

Next to "Always wear clean underpants, 
you just never know if you end up in a hospital"
and also
"Don't ever complain, carry the burden and pray for better "

I was constantly and always told : First the bitter, then the Sweet!

 Looking back on that: This saying would apply to almost everything! 
The chores you had to do, at family visits (gets you wondering), 
the food on your plate, on vacations and during Holidays.
First the suffering and then the reward....

 I still do it ..... lol ... get the shit out of the way and play with the nice!

I don't think I have taught my daughter any of these, I'll ask her! :)