woensdag 14 maart 2012

The prompt of this spread read :Who are you really?
I have had a crush on Japanese culture for my whole life and by that
 I mean especially the Maiko and Geisha !
 I am just so interested in their culture, the clothing and the traditions.

I am corresponding with some lovely Japanese women.
I have a large collection of Japanese Art Postcards 
you can see them here: Japanese Art Postcards

And here are my Cultural (Geisha/Maiko) Postcards
 Japanese Culture Postcards

So that's where this page came from 
The Dutch Geisha and that is of course me :)

The rest of the spread is Journalling about 
a trip to one of my fave Artshops ...
well a Artsy girl never has enough stuff and supplies lol...

The japanese symbols say "I love myself"
and YES... that is the pretty truth after almost 50  years !

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