donderdag 3 mei 2012

On Facebook , 
I overheard some people talking about 
"What is your Animal totem"...

I looked it up on Google and found some crappy 
Quizes about the theme. 
Everytime I took one I had a different totem....GAH! 
That didn't work obviously.

Then I started thinking... 
what Animal has been and is sort of always around me... 
As I child I was always on the look out for Ladybugs.
I even held them in jars! But never too long..
They tend to land on me a lot, 
and I always make sure they are okay 
and fly away again safe.

When we moved back to our house with our Office,
we cleaned and I found a Ladybug 
(mind you: this was in january!)

Later on that day, sitting outside having a beer in the springsun,
 one landed on my chair!       So ..... LADYBUG it is! 

left page

Love all the things that belong with the Ladybug totem, 
they really resonate !

right page

Funny thing is, my soul-mate and me are totally in love 
with Holy Mary Statues. We have at least 10 of them
standing around in our living room!
And guess what: The Ladybug used to be called  

"Beetle of our Lady"

Gotta love it!:D

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